100mm Monstera karstenianum (Monstera Peru)


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Monstera karstenianum is a rare and collectable form of climbing Monstera with dark green textured leaves. Commonly called “Monstera Peru”, this species grows as a hemi-epiphytic vine in nature, which means it will also do well growing on a totem in bright indirect light indoors. The leaves start out a medium green and grow to reveal a network of deeper green. A very easy houseplant that needs space to grow.  Vibrant, glossy leaves and low maintenance.  In their natural environment these plants use a tree to latch onto and grow.

GROWTH – Trailing or Climbing (They will grow quite large if you let them), repot every few years.

LIGHT – Thrives in a mild climate with filtered sunlight.

WATER – Allow to dry out between waterings. ensure good drainage.  The aerial roots collect their nutrients so if they grow try to direct the roots to a water source.

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