A5 Giclée Fine Art Prints by Kristina Forrest


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We are super excited to stock a limited selection of A5 Giclée Fine Art Prints by Kristina Forrest!


Hello! I’m Kristina Forrest, an artist from Brisbane, Australia.
Drawn to the beauty of colour from an early age, I haven’t grown out of my obsession for the effect colour has on our moods and feelings and I get excited placing colours and patterns together to create fun, vibrant art for you to enjoy in your home. I’m often nostalgic for the colours of my childhood, think 1986, and have a love of Japanese design in all forms. I also adore creating colourful modern surface pattern designs for brands.
I live in Bris, with my husband, 3 kids and our cute puppy Rocky. While here on Earth I hope to spread joy and happiness and contribute to making world a more vibrant and colourful place. I hope you feel a little more uplifted when drifting off with one of my pieces of art. x

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Jungles, Alice

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