250mm Spathiphyllum Sweet Chico


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The Peace Lily is a stunning indoor plant that produces large white, paddle-shaped flowers with a yellow spike centre that sit high above the compact, glossy foliage. An ideal houseplant and will add a touch of beauty to any courtyard, patio pot or container. Plant in an area of low light, preferably indoors with filtered light. Spathiphyllum are relatively low maintenance, requiring moderate watering and a regular feed with a liquid fertiliser during the growing season.

The spathiphyllum family are TOXIC to general household pets if ingested.

This, like all of our plants, is only available in-store, via click and collect or delivery. We do not ship plants via any postal services, however can ship pots, find out more by clicking here.

Please also note, the image is only a representation of the plant. All plants slightly vary even if they’re the same.

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