250mm Anthiurium Flowering

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Flowering Anthurium needs bright, indirect light (direct sunlight will scorch the leaves and flowers!). Low light will slow growth and produce fewer, smaller “flowers.” Water thoroughly when the first couple of cm of the soil becomes dry to the touch, stopping when water starts draining from the drainage holes. Avoid overwatering (Anthurium roots are susceptible to rot!). The more light and warmth that your Anthurium gets, the more water it will need, so check the soil for dryness every few days. These plants will provide signs of stress or thirst, so pay attention: thirsty plants will be light if you lift them and will have droopy or puckering leaves. You will not need to water as often in the winter when the plant is not actively growing.

Keep them shiny like ours in store (if you know, you know) with a bit of White Oil Plant Insecticide & Leaf Shine!

Anthuriums are  TOXIC to general household pets if ingested. YAY!

This, like all of our plants, is only available in store, via click and collect or delivery. We do not ship plants via any postal services, however can ship pots, find out more by clicking here.

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White, Red, Pink

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