140mm Zanzibar Gem


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The Zanzibar gem is one of the most easy to care for plants, thriving on neglect, the Zanzibar gem requires a consistant MONTHLY watering schedule, however it is important that you check the soil beforehand. If it is still moist, do NOT water it.

Zanzibar gems appreciate moderate light however will thrive in a dark corner with minimal natural light, also.

Zanzibar gems are toxic to cats, dogs, horses and birds – if you have any other animals, please consult with your local Vet for further Toxicity information.

Keep them shiny like ours in store (if you know, you know) with a bit of White Oil Plant Insecticide & Leaf Shine!

This, like all of our plants, is only available in-store, via click and collect or delivery. We do not ship plants via any postal services, however can ship pots, find out more by clicking here.

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