100mm Spathiphyllum Mojo


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Peace Lilies are one of the most popular houseplants! They are an indicator plant, so when they are thirsty, their leaves will droop in a downward motion, simply give your Peace Lily a big drink whenever she begins to droop, and plenty of indirect sunlight from a window close by. This is typically one of the easiest houseplants and is perfect as a gift for someone who may not feel confident looking after trickier species just yet.

Peace Lilies tend to flower more when they have bright indirect light, though can survive in lower lighting conditions without flowering.

The Spathipyllum family is TOXIC to general household pets if ingested.

This, like all of our plants, is only available in store, via click and collect or delivery. We do not ship plants via any postal services, however can ship pots, find out more by clicking here.

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